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LED Datasheet, PDF

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Shenzhen Huazhimei Semi...
HM6288 Built-in 60V power MOS step-up LED constant current driver
HM8024B Single touch dual output LED color temperature dimming IC
HM3341 High-precision, high-efficiency buck-boost LED constant current driver
HM6290 Constant current drive control chip for pressure-type LED
HM7237 PWM dimming linear buck LED constant current driver
HM1650 LED Drive Control/Keyboard Scan Specific Integrated Circuit
HM7164 Segmented linear constant current LED driver
HM1628 LED Driver IC Product
HM5102 Tact switch LED flashlight driver IC
HM5104BS Self-locking switch five-function flashlight LED driver IC
HM1620 LED drive control dedicated circuit, integrated with MCU digital interface, data latch and other circuits
HM5665A High Efficiency 1.2MHz 30V BOOST LED Driver
HM5102C Tact switch LED flashlight driver IC
HM7150 Non-isolated step-down LED constant current driver
HM5110 Touch control three-way LED headlight driver IC
HM5182S Self-locking switch three-function flashlight LED driver IC
HM4112A 36V/1.2A high dimming ratio LED driver
HM9928 LED Emergency Lighting driver
HM3251 1A Buck/Boost Charge Pump LED Driver
HM1642 LED Drive controller

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