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LED Scheda tecnica, PDF

Spiegazioni elettronici : 'LED' - Total: 71 (1/4) Pages
Produttore elettroniciIl numero della parteScheda tecnicaSpiegazioni elettronici
Company Logo Img
Hamamatsu Corporation
L2791_06 Datasheet pdf image
72Kb / 3P
Infrared LED Small emission spot LED using current confined chip
L5276_06 Datasheet pdf image
257Kb / 2P
Infrared LED Subminiature LED
L6437_06 Datasheet pdf image
73Kb / 3P
Infrared LED High radiant output GaAs LED with position reference hole
L6895-10_06 Datasheet pdf image
181Kb / 2P
Infrared LED High-power LED with miniature package
L7560_07 Datasheet pdf image
86Kb / 2P
Infrared LED High-speed, high output power LED with mini-lens
L8013_06 Datasheet pdf image
61Kb / 3P
Infrared LED Easy optical axis alignment LED for PCF200 fiber data links
L9437 Datasheet pdf image
88Kb / 2P
Infrared LED LED emitting collimated light for optical encoder
L9534 Datasheet pdf image
102Kb / 2P
Red LED for optical link Red LED for 125 Mbps optical link
L9907 Datasheet pdf image
50Kb / 2P
Red LED AlGaInP resonant cavity LED for POF data communication
L1909 Datasheet pdf image
111Kb / 2P
TO-46 type GaAIAs infrared LED
L1915 Datasheet pdf image
126Kb / 2P
TO-46 type GaAIAs infrared LED
L2204 Datasheet pdf image
133Kb / 4P
4-pin plastic package, infrared LED
L2388 Datasheet pdf image
122Kb / 2P
TO-46 style GaAs infrared LED
L2656 Datasheet pdf image
129Kb / 2P
High power GaAIAs infrared LED
L2690 Datasheet pdf image
112Kb / 2P
High power GaAIAs infrared LED
L2791 Datasheet pdf image
117Kb / 2P
Small emission spot LED using current confined chip
L3882 Datasheet pdf image
144Kb / 4P
High output red LED
L3989 Datasheet pdf image
119Kb / 2P
High power infrared LED
L4100 Datasheet pdf image
107Kb / 2P
Resin-potted metal package LED
L4492 Datasheet pdf image
105Kb / 2P
Low forward voltage LED for camera auto-focus

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