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PROTOCOL Datasheets, PDF

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National Semiconductor ...
DP83640 Precision PHYTER - IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol Transceiver

Texas Instruments
DK-EM2-2500S 2.4 GHz SimpliciTI™ Protocol on Stellaris®

AIC-43C97 Automated, High-performance, Integrated, SCSI Protocol Controller designed for SCSI-2/SCSI-3 embedded peripheral applications

Injoinic Technology Co....
IP2701 Integrated 8 protocols for fast charging protocol ICs for USB ports


Filtronic Compound Semi...
ST-261 Portable DOCSIS Protocol Analyzer for DOCSIS Problem Solving in HFC Networks

2746980 Slave protocol chip - IBS SUPI 3 OPC
2701625 Generation and monitoring of the SafetyBridge protocol

Injoinic Technology Co....
IP6808 7.5W/10W wireless charging transmitter controller compatible with WPC v1.2 .4 protocol

Keysight Technologies
N8817A JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) Protocol
N8842A Protocol Triggering and Decode
N8809A Protocol Triggering and Decode

Allegro MicroSystems
ATS693LSG Three-wire, pulse width output protocol

Leshan Radio Company
LR24C128 Bi-directional Data Transfer Protocol

Keysight Technologies
N8821A USB 3.1 Protocol Triggering and Decode
N4230A MIPI M-PHY Protocol Analyzer

IXYS Corporation
AN-118 Detecting Line Polarity Reversal Associated with BT Calling Line Identification Protocol

Microchip Technology
MCP2155_13 IrDA® Standard Protocol Stack Controller

AN2099 Guidelines for connecting via JTAG protocol to the STR71x microcontroller
M24LR64-R_12 64 Kbit EEPROM with password protection & dual interface: 400 kHz I²C serial bus & ISO 15693 RF protocol at 13.56 MHz

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