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2A Datasheets, PDF

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Taiwan Semiconductor Co...
HER207G-K 2A, 800V - 1000V Glass Passivated High Efficient Rectifier

Monolithic Power System...
MP28262 2A, 21V, 1.1MHz Synchronous Step-down Converter

Sharp Electrionic Compo...
PQ3RF23 3.3V Output, High Output Current (2A, 3.5A) Type Low Power-loss Voltage Regulators

Linear Technology
LT3685EMSE 36V, 2A, 2.4MHz Step-Down Switching Regulator

Monolithic Power System...
EV2358DQ-00A 2A, 23V, 370KHz Step-Down Converter Evaluation Board

Intersil Corporation
ISL80111IRAJZ Ultra Low Dropout 1A, 2A, 3A Low Input Voltage NMOS LDOs

Maxim Integrated Produc...
MAX5090A 2A, 76V, High-Efficiency MAXPower Step-Down DC-DC Converters

ELM Technology Corporat...
ELM614BA 2A, 18V, 500kHz, synchronous step down DC/DC converter

Richtek Technology Corp...
RT7250A 2A, 17V, 340/800kHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Monolithic Power System...
EV4420H-J-01A 2A, 36V, Synchronous Step Down Converter Evaluation Board
MP28252 High Efficiency 2A, 21V, 500kHz Synchronous Step-down Converter

Mospec Semiconductor

Richtek Technology Corp...
RT8292A 2A, 23V, 340kHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter

Monolithic Power System...
MP9442 High Efficiency 2A, 36V, 600kHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter with Power Good

Torex Semiconductor
XBS206S17R-G Schottky Barrier Diode, 2A, 60V Type

Linear Technology
LT8362 Low IQ Boost/SEPIC/ Inverting Converter with 2A, 60V Switch

Monolithic Power System...
MP1470 High-Efficiency, 2A, 16V, 500kHz Synchronous, Step-Down Converter In a 6-Pin TSOT 23

Taiwan Semiconductor Co...
SF21G-T 2A, 50V - 600V Glass Passivated Super Fast Rectifier

Monolithic Power System...
MP2623 Stand-Alone, 2A, 1- or2-Cell Switching LiFePO4 Battery Charger

Feeling Technology Corp...
FP6188 2A, 23V, 340KHz Synchronous Step-Down Converter

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